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JPost Parser
JPost URL:
Ref name (optional):   Date format: Name format:

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Instructions: Paste the JPost URL into the relevant field and click Get Ref. The optional parameters are self-explanatory.
Special trick: If you want to have many (say, tens) of JPost refs in the same article, put 'jpost1' under Ref name and the next ref will automatically get the name 'jpost2', and so on.
Special trick 2: You can insert links with full MediaWiki ref formatting (e.g. <ref name="foo">[ bar]</ref>) and you will get a formatted ref retaining the original ref's name.
Note: Articles written by ' Staff', 'Reuters' and 'Associated Press' are listed without an author.
Known issue: Authors with a multi-word last name where the words are separated by a space will display incorrectly.